Eliminating Restroom Odors the Right Way!

Friday, September 4th, 2015

Restroom Deodorization Janitorial Services Allentown PA

by Eric Snyder

There are many factors involved in the creation of unwanted restroom odors, which require a specific set of actions to remove and permanently eliminate. This article will attempt to give some understand as to what causes these odors, and what your cleaning company is suppose to be doing to properly deodorize your restrooms on a regular basis.

Urine can be nasty stuff. It will penetrate into grout (even sealed grout and floor finish) and will grow strong odor-causing bacteria.

First and foremost, make sure your toilets and urinals are being cleaned on a regular basis by your janitorial service provider. Toilets and urinals have all kinds of nooks and crannies that can harbor bacteria.

Wall and floor grout does a great job of holding the tile together, but unfortunately it’s also “great” for harboring bacteria because it’s so porous. It needs to be cleaned thoroughly, rinsed well, treated with an enzyme digester until the odor is completely gone, and then sealed with a sealer that is urine-resistant.

Typically, grout can be cleaned using nothing more than a 50-50 mix of white vinegar and water, or a paste made from baking soda and water, and scrubbed with a stiff bristle brush (old toothbrushes don’t work). Our company uses a green cleaning solution that cleans even better

If it’s floor grout, your cleaning service can scrub the floor with a “swing machine” and a bristle brush pad, and then rinsed and wet-vacuumed at least twice.

Once the cleaning process is completed, whether it’s wall grout or floor grout, your cleaning service should spray on an enzyme digester, such as NilodorĀ® Digester Bacteria Enzyme, while the grout is still wet from the cleaning. It might take up to a week of applying every day to get the odor under control.

Once the odor is 100% gone, have your cleaning company use a urine-resistant grout sealer such as Amrep’s Crystal Guard PS. It won’t make your floor slippery, and you won’t even notice it’s been applied after it is applies and dries.

Here’s a few General Tips for Grout Cleaning(unfortunately, some cleaning companies don’t even know these things!):

  • Never use bleach to clean, disinfect, or for odor control, on colored grout, as it will discolor the grout.
  • Never use metal bristle brushes, as they will wear away the grout very quickly.
  • For everyone’s safety, your commercial cleaning provider should ventilate the restroom when cleaning products are used.


Deodorizing the drainpipes:

Both the floor drains and sink drains can be a major cause of offensive odors. Once all porous surfaces and fixtures have been cleaned, your janitorial company should be taking steps to keep unpleasant odors from emanating through the drainpipes.

There are two cases in which the drains will produce bad odors. The first case is when there is a build up of debris in the s-turn or “elbow” drainpipe located just below the surface of the drain. If the debris is not removed, a build up of odor-causing bacteria will wafted up through the drain.

The second case drains cause odors is when the drainpipes become dry due to infrequent draining of water. This happens most often with floors drains, if the floors are not regularly mopped and rinsed.

The s-turn or “elbow” drainpipe’s purpose is to hold water, which helps gases from coming up from the sewer or holding tank. If the elbow drainpipe is dry, nothing is stopping the sewer gases from coming up through the drain.

In both cases, the cure is to not only keep the elbow drainpipe filled with water, but to continually make sure no debris is being held in the elbow. Our company will allows keep your drainpipes free of debris, remove debris if necessary, and top off the elbow drainpipe with a combination of water and pleasant smelling enzymes.

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How to Reduce Employee Sick Days by Properly Cleaning Your Company’s Computers

Saturday, August 8th, 2015

janitorial services allentown pa

by Eric Snyder

Computers, especially computers shared by multiple employees, should be cleaned on a daily or weekly basis. It’s been reported that a work computer keyboard can collect more germs and bacteria than a restroom toilet. Poor computer cleaning habits can cause employees to get sick more often, which in turn costs the company more money in lower production.

Since janitorial and office cleaning companies(our’s included) generally do NOT clean their clients’ computer keyboards(for obvious reasons that we won’t discuss here), it’s up to the employees to keep their own work computers clean.

It’s highly recommend that the facility’s office manager get in the habit of setting aside some time each week to have each employee clean the computer(s) at her or his work station.

Of course, it’s imperative that the employees know how to properly clean the computers, as to avoid any damage to the sensitive electronics. Below I’ve include a few links and videos to some of the better tips for cleaning computers…

How to Clean Your Keyboard

How to Clean and Disinfect Your Keyboard and Mouse

Step-By-Step: Keep a Clean Keyboard

How to Clean a Computer Monitor/LCD Screen

The How-To Geek Guide to Cleaning Your LCD Monitor Screen

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Does Your Cleaning Company Deodorize Your Carpets After Every Vacuuming?

Monday, July 27th, 2015

Allentown Janitorial Services

by Eric Snyder

One of the things that sets our service apart from other janitorial and office cleaning companies in the Allentown area is our attention to odor control in our clients’ facilities.

Among the deodorization services we include with our regular cleaning service, we pay special attention to keeping carpeted areas smelling fresh.

If your current cleaning service does nothing more than a standard nightly vacuuming of the carpets, they are doing nothing to approve the odor of your facility.

Carpets attract lots of bacteria quickly in high traffic areas. The bacteria forms into bad odors that will emanate throughout an entire carpeted area. Vacuuming alone will not get rid of odor causing bacteria. In fact, vacuuming will bring the odors more prominently to the surface, and into the air. Only commercial carpet shampooing will remove the bacteria. Unfortunately, shampooing can be expensive, and it’s not convenient to have done often.

Our solution to controlling the unwelcomed odors emanating from the floor is by regularly treating the carpets with an environmentally friendly odor freshening agent upon vacuuming. The freshening agent we use is applied after every vacuuming session. The special agent disappearing into the carpet, continuing to freshen even high traffic areas for days, without harming the carpet fibers or causing build up.

Our special carpet deodorization service is include with our regular service. So, if you’re ready to try a janitorial services company in the Allentown area that goes the extra mile for their clients, give us a call today.


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